Thursday, November 18, 2010

Things That Make Me Wonder... 11/18/10

I've decided to dedicate this entire blog post strictly to things that make me wonder. Lets begin.

I wonder why...

Bristol Palin beat out Brandy for a spot in the finals on DWTS last night? Want to see their faces when it happened? Here you go...
Can I just point out that the look on Bristol Palin's face is classic. She looks shocked and pissed that she didn't get kicked off. Personally, she should have been gone weeks ago, but Momma Palin's big support group kept her in the running, regardless of the fact that she had to endure 7 straight elimination rounds in a row. I personally think the competition is now fixed, and will no longer watch any more seasons. Ironic because, this is the first season I actually did watch. 

I would also like to direct your attention to an article that also made me wonder something today... Why the hell would someone shoot a TV? Steven Cowan, a Wisconsin resident, got so mad that he actually took his shotgun and blew his TV straight to media hell. All because he was watching Bristol Palin's performance on Monday nights episode. ISN'T THAT INSANE? I could see shooting it if like, she actually won, but she was only performing when he flew off the hinge. No I couldn't really shoot my TV. He even pointed the gun at his wife, who thankfully managed to escape the home unharmed:

"When Palin, the 20-year-old daughter of tea party favorite Sarah Palin, began her routine, Cowan jumped up and began swearing, saying something like "The (expletive) politics." His wife said he was upset that a political figure's daughter was dancing on TV even though he felt she didn't have talent. Janice Cowan told investigators her husband left the living room and reappeared 20 minutes later with his shotgun, "raging" with his face bright red, and blasted the TV. She said he then pointed the gun at her and told her to go fetch his pistols, and threatened to kill himself if she brought anyone back" 

 Somebody needs a time out.

Moving on...

Today, I wondered why it was necessary to have a new stricter pat down law implemented when it comes to traveling by plane. The law, put in place November 1, gives TSA officers the right to perform a more invasive pat down on travelers. With the full body scanners now in place and being used all over the country, I don't see the need to have more people pulled out of line to be patted down. Yes, the TSA officers use the "back of their hands" but that doesn't mean the "back of their hands" are not invasive to the privacy of your backside. Also, if it is bombs they are worried about, there is no reason for not using more bomb sniffing dogs at airports instead of having someone pat you down. 

The pat downs only occur if you refuse to go through, or get "randomly selected" not to go through the body scanner and be patted down for "additional security." I also wonder after years of constant and frequent travel, if those who constantly are exposed to the radiation of the body scanners could experience side effects later on down the line. There is no way anyone who ran the testing of the scanners, experimented long enough on that question to answer it. So again, I wonder...

"The combination of scanners and more aggressive searches have prompted several high-profile incidents at airports. Some pilot unions and passenger groups have said they will urge people to boycott the scanners, forcing TSA officers to pat down thousands of additional travelers."

Most people dislike the scanners either way, pilots unions and passengers have started to react against the new TSA policies by declining to be scanned, however, they are simultaneously making more pat downs necessary and more TSA agents are having to put their hands where they shouldn't. Ick! The article from USA Today that I linked to this post basically explains that these new policies are in place, and no matter what we think of them, they aren't going anywhere.

and in case YOU were wondering...


T-Minus 20 hours for all of you PotterHeads. I have tickets for a Sunday showing at my local IMAX theater. Lucky me, waiting an extra 2 days, oh well.

Anyways, moving on again. 

I also wondered today... what a guy like Tony Parker would have to be thinking to dump Eva Longoria for his ex-teammates fugly wife. Way to break up the double date, Tony. First of all, as an NBA fan, I'm disgusted that a player would really go after his teammate of 4 years, Brent Barry's (son of Rick Barry!) wife. Granted, the Barry's were in the midst of a divorce, but until he started creeping, Tony Parker wasn't. 

Cheating to me is disgusting, but these high profile celebrities do it ALL the time and think they can keep it a secret. NOTHING stays secret if you are in the public eye. But a tip for you, Mr. Parker? Don't save hundreds of text messages in your phone proving you are having an affair. Delete that shit. In the words of Pauly D from Jersey Shore "you gotta prepare for that."

Okay this is the last thing I wondered about today...

Rest in Peace MJ
After hearing a song off the latest album released by Sony Music and the Michael Jackson estate entitled "Michael," I have to wonder if it was truly the right thing to do to release his music after his death. The song I am referring to is called "Hold My Hand" and it is a duet with Akon. I absolutely LOVE Michaels' voice in the song, his melody and his signature "yeahhhh, yeahhhh" took me RIGHT back to the Free Willy Soundtrack days, BUT there was just too much Akon on the track. It was just not right without Michael singing more of the verses. 

Black Eyed Peas member and music producer Will.I.Am recently spoke out against the music company, saying that he strongly disagrees with the choice to release the unfinished tracks in the vault at Sony because Michael was such a hands-on perfectionist when it comes to his music.

"to say that what [Michael] contributed during his life wasn’t enough. He just wasn’t any ordinary artist. He was a hands-on person. To me it’s disrespectful. There’s no honoring. Michael Jackson songs are finished when Michael says they’re finished.

Now, I may never say this again, because this dude did think he could become the president of Haiti pretty recently... but I agree with him.

On a happier note, the Boston Celtics are killing it this season so far.
To Health, Wealth and another NBA Championship Boys!

until next time..
Later Haters xO

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Getting Back into the Swing of Things!

Ladies & Gents-

My apologies to those who read this blog and to those who were disappointed when I took my month long hiatus from writing on it. ( I'm just saying, I did get bitched at for it haha). Truthfully, I blame homework and life in general. But what can you do huh? I'm here now, to update you on all things blog worthy of my days. There's a few things I definitely need to address, so lets begin shall we?

So for those of you who think the War against Terror is over and that we should leave them alone now...

I have to tell you, its not over, and they cannot be trusted. Which I guess is common sense. I read an article recently about Al Qaeda operative taking bombs and detonators, sewing them inside of a two dogs stomachs, and somehow got the dogs carriers aboard a flight headed for the United States. The poor pups died shortly after they were put on board and were discovered by US soldiers working the cargo area. The bombs were so poorly stitched into the dogs that they probably bled out. Al Qaeda had planned for the dogs to explode in flight, but if it wasn't for those pups dying so soon after arriving, we may have lost an entire plane full of people. RIP pups!

I also would like to mention Al Qaeda put bombs in computer printer cartridges and tried to get them aboard US cargo jets in Yemen last month. That plan was also thwarted and luckily, we avoided an international incident.  Heres more from the article I read:

"Details are still emerging of last month's terror plot in which Yemeni al Qaeda operatives stashed bombs inside computer printer cartridges, which they hoped to blow up aboard US-bound cargo jets. That plot unraveled when Muhammad bin Nayef, a Saudi prince involved in intelligence work, learned of the plan and the packages' tracking numbers and passed them on to the CIA. Just as they tried to hide bombs in dogs' bodies, al Qaeda has also tried hiding bombs inside people. Last year, an al Qaeda suicide bomber tried to assassinate bin Nayef with an explosive device hidden in his rectum like a suppository. Bin Nayef was slightly injured in the attack." Full Article Here

Clearly we need to stay on alert at all times. I want the troops to come home too, from certain places I feel we've been present in for too long. BUT how many international incidents and terrorist attacks will happen after that? Can't we all just get along and have some WORLD PEACE. Especially you Korea. We see you too.
anyways, moving on
High School Coach takes a Paddle to Players
First of all, speaking as a former basketball coach, you can never hit a child, its disgusting. Coach Marlon Dorsey of the Murra High School in Jackson, Mississippi was caught on video tape using a paddle and a 5lb weight belt to whip his players back sides' when they didn't run his basketball plays the way he wanted them to be done. Multiple players have been abused in this manner and one particular student was whipped everyday so far this season. The real kicker is before he started coaching at MHS he was coaching at another HS and got removed for the same infractions. MHS hired him anyway. The boys did not rat out their coach because he clearly threatened them with being removed from the team, benched, academic infractions etc. The video was taken by a father who stopped by randomly to watch his sons' practice. What great timing huh? The following is the statement released by Coach Whips-a-lot Dorsey following the unveiling of his crimes:
“I took it upon myself to save these young men from the destruction of self and what society has accepted and become silent to the issues our students are facing on a daily basis,” he said in the statement. “I am deeply remorseful of my actions to help our students.”

Yeah buddy, whipping them into shape is clearly going to make them run your most likely shitty offensive and defensive sets correctly. Hope he gets throw in the slammer where he belongs..

moving onto other things I usually talk about


so far the only couples left on the show are:

Kyle Massey & Lacey Schwimmer
Jennifer Grey & Derek Hough
Brandy & Maksim Chmerkoviskiy
Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas

The only name I do not understand on that list is Bristol Palin.

Heres a recap of the entire competition:
David Hasselhoff (eliminated week 1)
Michael Bolton (eliminated week 2) 
Margaret Cho (eliminated week 3) 
Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino (eliminated week 4)
 Florence Henderson (eliminated week 5) 
Audrina Patridge (eliminated week 6)
Rick Fox (eliminated week 7) 
Kurt Warner (eliminated week 8)

Again, Bristol Palin? WTF?


I'm going to go out on a limb here and say... someone is SCREWED! Amber Portwood of Anderson, Indiana, one of the four moms who went from being on MTV's 16 & Pregnant right to its spin-off Teen Mom, is royally up the legal river with out a paddle, or a boat. MTV was forced to hand over the unedited footage of the infamous episode that lead to the investigation on Amber and Gary by Child Protective Services and the Anderson Police Department. If they see evidence that Amber or Gary committed any kind of domestic abuse in front of their daughter, they will be charged with a felony for domestic violence. 

Update: Amber has recently given all her parental rights to Gary for the time being, apparently CPS and both parents agreed it was safer for Leah to stay with Gary because of all the paparazzi and photographers stationed outside Amber's home. Apparently THEY are the threat to Leah, not the violent, pill popping mother who lives INSIDE the house with her. Wow MTV, you always find the winners!

now to update the...

I'm excited, are you?

RAD = Random Annoyance of the Day

-New Englanders get so emotional over the cold weather, like the sky is falling because its under 60 degrees. YOU LIVE IN NEW ENGLAND. GET USED TO IT
-Leading me to, the first snow flake of the season will send a massive frightening shock wave thru most brains of New England drivers (MA in particular)
-They then forget how to drive in it, so becareful.
-Black Friday Sales starting at 4AM. wtf is that?

The Boston Celtics are off to a 8-2 start of the season, minus the fact 3 or 4 of those wins had an OT period, I'm impressed. We still need to get our big guys healthy. But I'm going to call it, right here, right now...

Boston Celtics 2011 NBA Champions

Anyways, I'm done for today. Later Haters xO

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Current Events & Annoyances... 10/10/10

Alright people, time to get a few things out that have been wicked bugging me this past week. We can call them today's RADs but they should really be my RAWs (Random Annoyances of the Week)

Lets begin shall we?

For starters, facebook has gotten to a point of complete and total creepiness splashed with a bit of lame. The girls are straight slutty, the guys either don't post a thing, or post their every feeling, and the amount of CREEPERS that friend request me has gotten completely ridic in the last few months. Then, there are the guys who you are not sure if they are gay or straight because they act like girls on facebook 24/7 with the emo statuses and shit. I put up lyrics every few days and then change them for the most part incase something exciting happens then I'll post details. Too many times did someone say to me "Oh I knew you were there, I saw it on facebook." Oh hell no, no more creepers allowed. I can see randomly catching up with someone you haven't spoken to in awhile, that was the point of why facebook was made, but poking and messaging and creeping on random people? Ugh. The deactivate button is becoming increasingly more tempting.

Drunk friends are also becoming an extreme annoyance of mine. Like really, (and no lie, this is no one specific, this truly is worldy advice) I'm so sick of watching people get sloshed at a party or the bar and drive themselves and their friends home. I was almost killed by a drunk driver in 2008 and it was my "best friend" at the time. I do not understand how it is worth it for you guys to go out and get blackout drunk, do a bunch of drugs, and then drive home. I see it all the time, every weekend and it's not even just certain people who are regular boozebags, its like an epidemic around here now. I had to learn the hard way and got lucky nothing happened, my fear is that someone else will learn the hard way and not be so lucky. My advice to these people? Quit drinking and grow the fuck up before its too late, this is Boston, not New Jersey.

Now onto other news & updates.

She is "Done Snookin" For Now

I regret to inform you that Snookin for Love is no longer going to happen. Whoever reported it from InTouch Weekly not so long ago is probably fired by now. I realized that I had misinformed you all when I saw Snooks herself tweet this little gem earlier today:
"Let's clear this up kids, I did not get my own dating show. And plus, I gotta man, I don't need anybody else :)"
That is all well and good Nicole, but chances are this dude will be gone within a month and then you will need your own dating show anyways, so you might as well save yourself some time, dump the chump and do it for the $$$$!!

moving on...

DWTS Update
Who Got the Boot?
She did. Margaret Cho and her partner, Louie Van Amstel were the 3rd couple to be eliminated from the competition on DWTS this past Tuesday. Since the Patriots played on Monday night, DWTS wasn't aired on the East coast until 1:35 in the morning (that was lame btw.) My insomnia made me stay up to watch it, but again, I wasn't very impressed. Yet I still watch it every week just to see if I will be inspired! There are a few good dancers as far as celebs go, but most of them suck. Especially The Situation...

Speaking of situations...

Mike "Sitch" has definitely found himself in a public pickle! Not sure about the rest of you, but I think he has been acting like a complete choad on the last few episodes of JS. He even went so far as to slap Snooks in the mouth for no reason because he wanted to go home. Now this is the same girl that got punched (like seriously decked) in the mouth by a dude on season 1 of Jersey Shore because Sitch kept feeding the dude and his friends shots of free booze. Not only that, but Sitch is just proving to the world how big of a creep he is. I get that you make a lot of money and all this shit dude, but act like a human being, not a one man STD factory. Hmmm... I wonder since they make him look like such a dick on Jersey Shore if that actually gets him voted off DWTS considering he is TERRIBLE anyways. Oh wait, no it wont. They need the ratings.

Aside from the fact that Amber Portwood from MTVs Teen Mom is still being investigated for that crazy scene from a few weeks back in which she beat the shit out of got into a physical altercation with her linebacker boyfriend, Gary, I also read headlines this week about that guy Chris she went out on a date with on the show. Apparently he was a registered sex offender in the state of Indiana. BUT DON'T WORRY BECAUSE SUPPOSEDLY IT WASN'T THE SAME GUY?! The real sex offenders most recent exgirlfriend went to all the tabloids and told them all that it was not her ex man on that show and it must be someone else with the same name. She mentioned a difference in the tattoos on the arm, and she also said that her registered sex offender ex-man was home with her kids when the show was being filmed, so it can't be him. What a great trade-off?


The Challenge has returned to MTV and I am once again NOT impressed. No Wes. No Kenny. No Evan. Plus, now I have to look at Melinda (Real World: Austin) who also happens to be my neighbor Danny Jamieson's soon to be ex wife. They met on the show, got married and now are in divorce proceedings if they haven't been finished already. So basically... the show is pretty lame. Granted, this challenge DOES look more gruesome than the other ones. Granted, I am excited that CT comes back and hopefully, this will be a somewhat decent season. We'll see, I'll keep you posted..

Nice bow tie Shamroq

The Celtics have started their preseason off with a bang remaining undefeated so far in 3 out of the 8 preseason games. The starting unit looks good and I personally kind of love that Shaq is on our side now. I feel as though its better for other point guards to be running into the Wall of Steel instead of Rondo running into him. The BBM aka the Boston Bench Mob has proved that they can hold down the floor and finish out games strong. I love the solid contributions from almost every player and to all the people looking at Miami and LA to 3peat and all that shit. I have 8 simple words for you: Watch the fuck out. They're coming for you.

until next time.. xo

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Current Events 10/2/10

October is my favorite month of the year, so much that I wish my birthday was in October instead of June. Really, its awesome. Why? Two reasons. One is the weather, its perfect minus any rain for campfires and tailgating and hoodies and Halloween! The other reason is the start of the NBA season comes every October.  It's like an added bonus.

Anyways, onto today's "points of interest"...

NCIS Star &loveofmylife Michael Weatherly 
Causes a FenderBender!

Credit TMZ for Photos
Michael Weatherly, who plays very Special Agent Anthony Dinozzo on the hit CBS crime drama NCIS, had himself a blonde moment yesterday when he crashed his black Mercedes into a Silver BMW. The BMW went into a pole crunching the entire front of the vehicle while Weatherly's Mercedes suffered major damage to the front passenger side. He was driving over the Barnham Pass which connects Hollywood to the San Fernando Valley when the two lanes merged and according to the BMW driver, he was crashed into and his Beamer ran into a pole. No injuries were sustained to either driver and the ambulance that arrived on the scene left with no one extra inside. The drivers exchanged information and everything went as smooth as a car accident with two wicked expensive cars can get. Good one DiNozzo Michael, Mark Harmon should pull a Gibbs and slap you for that one later!

Moving on...

Mario Arrested for Beating Up His MOM!
Mean muggin in his mugshot
Well Chris Brown, you've almost been out done on the deuschbag scoreboard. Singer/Actor/Hasbeen Mario was arrested yesterday for allegedly going on a rampage and beating up his crackhead mother, Shawntia Hardaway. The 24 year old was released on $50K bond after an altercation with his momma at their Baltimore, MD apartment. According to his mom, he went on a rampage and started breaking things and pushing her around. When the cops showed up they found evidence of her claim by finding he had broken mirrors, busted a china cabinet and put holes in the doors. She also claimed a week prior he had pushed her "eight feet into a living room wall, where [she] hit her head on the wall." If you don't remember back in 2007, Mario, a former DWTS contestant, had MTV follow him around with cameras where he staged an intervention and spotlighted his mothers' heroin addiction. The documentary show titled, "I Won't Love You To Death" played back in October 2007, and followed his journey of trying to convince his mom to get clean. He told her that he "wanted to give her the gift of life, just like [she] gave [him]."

Sad. I know how annoying addicts can be to live with, but violence is never the answer!

Moving on again...

Where Oh Where is Billy Ray Cyrus?

WHEN YOU NEED HIM? Take a look at what your 17 year old is up to these days dude! She looks a tid bit drugged up and what the hell kind of outfit is that to go clubbing in? This picture was taken outside of Voyeur nightclub in Los Angeles and I couldn't help but comment on it. Why does she look so whapped out? Also, WHAT THE HELL IS SHE DOING IN A CLUB? I know they forget the 21 plus rule, but really, she is 17 years old! You still have jurisdiction Billy Ray! Don't let her turn into Lindsay Lohan! At this point they are going down the same path, and I had high hopes for this one. Her dad just broke my achey breakey heart by not putting his foot up her ass! 

and now exciting news for any dating show fans...

Snookin For Love is Coming 
to a TV Near You!

I have to say... I'm excited. No confirmation on if it will be called "Snookin for Love" but I can't think of anything better. InTouch Weekly reports that Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, princess of the Jersey Shore and the one that seems to be most unlucky in love will finally have her own reality dating show. I can only imagine how hilarious it will be to people who appreciate her sense of humor. Some of her toolbag exboyfriend's, as well as Jenni "JWoww" Farley will  make guest appearences and try to help her in her search for the perfect tan, guido, nympho, juicehead. Sources report one of her exes will be trying to win her back while the other tries to help her find love. Good luck Snooks! MTV has not confirmed nor denied the reports of the show, but sources have said they will be making a big announcement soon. Let the Snookin for Love begin!

Onto a bit of a more serious topic,

Hitting Closer to Home:
Saugus HS Student Commits Suicide
As previously reported, a recent string of publicized suicides by youth in the US (either gay or straight) has continued to be a problem that can no longer be brushed under the rug. Felix Sacco, 17, of Saugus, MA took his own life on Wednesday by jumping off the overpass of the Lynn Fellsway and onto the southbound lane of Route 1 at about 9AM Wednesday morning. He survived the fall and was transported to Mass General where he later died of his injuries. The Saugus HS community is shocked that it happened, claiming that he was a laid back kid who played guitar and kept to himself. This epidemic is everywhere, not only have we seen teased children struggling with their sexuality being pushed to their limit, but even a quiet, shy kid who likes to play the guitar and has no reason to die. We have to enforce to the children that this is no way to solve your problems. If we don't teach them at a young age and change their perception, they will only continue to mimic what they see. This has to change. A genuine act of peace in the world where there are no haters may be impossible yes, but at least we can try to keep it peaceful and hopefully recognize the signs of depression that could lead to young suicides. Please remember that no loss of life is acceptable when it is unnecessary. We must be more accepting of others or we won't survive. We don't have to like eachother, but we at least have try to bring the world to such a non threatening place to live in.

Sidenotes for 10/2

Here's an idea for the day, why can't MTV bring the challenge days like the ones you see on the show "If You Really Knew Me" to junior high and elementary schools across the country? Why can't that sense of understanding each other be taught in schools? It doesn't need a camera crew, we just need adults willing to organize and carry out with the challenge day and make an effort to have these kids understand eachother. This can be geared towards the age groups accordingly also, as I don't see most 8 year olds having the same problems as high school kids, but the concepts are the same. Come on people, lets change the world.

I am also now starting a...
Countdown to Harry Potter 7!
48 Days left
Being the HP Geek I am, I will inform you all of when the first of the two part 7th installment of the Harry Potter series comes out. I'll tell you how it was, why you should see it, so on and so forth. Those books were amazing for my childhood, the imagination of it all is amazing. My kids will read them whether they like it or not! More on the Harry Potter series in future posts.

anyways off to enjoy my Saturday, until next time xo

Friday, October 1, 2010

Current Events & My Advice to the World... 9/30/10

My Advice to the World

Okay people, lets get a few things straight here. If we can't all learn to accept that we as people are individuals, we will not make it. Everyone does not have to perfect, we all got problems. But there are a few topics tonight that bugged me enough that I feel they need to be brought up, because we, as a human race, need to stop being so god damn judgmental, and focus on the bigger picture. How will the world survive if we don't learn to live peacefully. & on the topic of living peacefully, I am sick! SICK! Of hearing about teens and children committing suicide. I am sick of hearing about domestic violence. I am sick of hearing about shooting and murders and rapes. But as I once blogged before, Jon Stewart says it best: "the problem is crazy, and you can't legislate crazy." Couldn't agree more my friend, but here's my problem with it. I think we can in fact, change that! But it has to start NOW. Do you have kids in your family? If you're reading this right now and you do I can imagine you are thinking about a little boy or a little girl close to you. A sibling, a nephew, a niece, a daughter, a son. Do you want them to grow up in a society like this? School shootings, kids committing suicide over bullying, 11 year old little boys getting his arm broken at school because he wanted to be a cheerleader, college students getting raped just by walking across campus? When does it end? When we all just cancel each other out? I need to start a movement. All you have to do to be apart of this movement, is start to respect people. Ask a kid how their day was at school, see if they are being bullied, and the chances are if they say yes, they want advice on how to handle it. There has been 5 deaths among gay youth in the US in the last 3 weeks. Three of those deaths occurred this week alone. That is disgusting. Horrific. I have 6 nephews, and honestly, I never want ANY of them to feel like they have to resort to suicide. But it happens, it goes unnoticed and not spoken of, and that needs to change. These kids are the future, just as once was said about you. I don't know about the rest of you, but I want the future to get better and not continue down this destructive path.

moving onto tonights topics, which still 
stem back to my advice to the world...

Domestic Violence On Teen Mom

If you watched Tuesday nights new episode of Teen Mom, Amber crazybitch Portwood from Anderson, Indiana is now being investigated for the violent attack that aired on Tuesday nights show, on her "fiance" Gary Shirley. Honestly, home girl went OFF on him. I'm very surprised and shocked that he did not flinch to even physically hit her back, even though she tried pushing him down stairs and punched, kicked and slapped him forcefully, even in front of their 2 year old daughter Leah, who was playing at their feet. Domestic violence can come in any form, clearly even though he's a football lineman Gary could have taken Amber down, but he chose to remain calm and take the beating and refrain from trouble. This is unnacceptable to do in front of a child, I don't care if your her damn mother Amber, you're fucking nuts. Here's my thoughts on why: Amber is definitely hooked on her prescription medication called clonazepam, commonly known in the streets as kpins. They were prescribed to her in the first season, and you can just tell shes whapped out 90% of the time shes on screen. She mentions in a behind the scenes video on MTV that she was blacked out and didn't remember anything. Hmm? Wonder why. Too many milligrams honey. Anyways, Gary took Leah and left, threatened to call CPS. Heres the funny part, somebody else already did. Two anonymous emails send to Anderson Police Department urged detectives to investigate the abuse and if the child was safe in the home. Click here to read the article about her investigation. So basically, Amber is fucked in a whole new mess of drama. Hope she doesn't crack the pill bottle open and pull a Lindsay Lohan in court! Good luck crazybitch!

onto other things that need to be brought up...

The Rash of Recent Suicides Among the Gay Youth in This Country.

Listen people, I gotta be honest here, its really has made me sick to my stomach to see these kids killing themselves over things that they don't even understand. Please read the Perez Hilton article about the most recent suicide, the 5th in three weeks, 3 of them this week alone. These are only the kids that we know of, I can only imagine how many young suicide victims made the same decision. Ugh I'm going to be sick at the thought. The latest was a 19 year old sophomore who goes to my old school and the school my 18 year old nephew attends, Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI. He hung himself in his dorm room after repeatedly being teased about his sexuality. That scares the shit out of me, that my nephew is living in the same dorm with people who can bully someone enough to the point of no return. An alarming four other kids have also committed suicide around the US. One of the suicides catching national attention is about Tyler Clementi who attended Rutgers University, he was publicly humliated for being gay at his school when his room mate and "so called friend" videotaped him having sexual relations and thought it would be funny to web cast it over the internet. The bastards even attempted to do it a second time. Disgusting. WHEN THE FUCK WILL YOU PEOPLE LEARN? How is that in any way funny? Your words can push people over the edge, as well as your actions against them. Understand words hurt deeper than you can imagine, if you are a victim of verbal abuse, which many of us are, you should understand. In the words of Eminem, "you know WORDS are a motherfucker, they can be GREAT, or they can DEGRATE, or even worse, THEY CAN TEACH HATE." Come on people, use your words wisely. In other words, smarten the fuck up.

Okay, onto the fun stuff...

DRAMA ON Dancing With The Stars!
Michael Bolton was the next casualty after the Hoff on Tuesdays nights results show, however on Monday nights show, Judge Bruno Tonioli publicly humiliated harshly criticized Bolton's attempt at a jive. He told him it was the "worst jive in 11 seasons" and that he should have "taken your bone and gone back into the dog house" adding to both Michael and his partner, Chelsie Hightower, "you did it all very, very badly." That's horrible Bruno! You are no Simon Cowell! Prick!  So basically all the other contestants did well, and again it came down to Sitch vs. whoever goes home at the end. Well for the sake of ratings, guess who won't be going home every time that happens. The man, the myth, the walking venereal disease, The Situation. New performances on Monday, I'll keep ya posted!

Speaking of The Situation...
Jersey Shore's new episode was on tonight.


I gotta say, they just don't impress me with their fight nights. They build you up just to let you down! Again. I really wanted Snooki and Angelina to fight hardcore, like shot for shot. They yank out hair extensions and kick around like my dog does when you rub her tummy. Pathetic MTV, pathetic. Anyways, so basically, you all don't have to worry, the bitch is gone, she left the show again. For those of you who don't know they already replaced her in Season 3 which recently wrapped filming in Seaside Heights, NJ. The newest addition is that of Snooks longtime friend, Deena Nicole Cortese. Good luck to you honey, don't talk shit, leave your pads out, act like a dirty little hampster, or smush Vinny, and you'll be all good!

People who drive with two feet and ride the brake 
via Samantha McCarter

what are your RADS? Comment on the 
Life or Something Like it facebook page and let me know!

Eminem dropped a new video for the song "No Love" featuring Lil Wayne. Free Weezy! It's sick check it out

Last but not least, my Boston Celtics updates.
twitpic of the day via Nate Robinson.
Nate the team clown is pulling too many pranks on Shaq. But they're hilarious so its funny. Good news is they are having an amazing training camp, and this is going to be an amazing season.
Check out the Twitvideo of Nate putting salt in Shaq's drink and giving it to him. Funny shit, I love those boys. Also, Kevin Garnett is in awesome condition, strong, confident that his leg won't give out on him, and he's ready. In the words of Doc Rivers he is "explosive" again, and that makes the Boston Celtics a dangerous team. 26 Days til the home opener! LOVING ITTTT!

Monday, September 27, 2010

I don't blog on the weekends, I do have a social life.

Apologies to those followers who thought I would remain sober enough Friday night to actually put up a blog post. It was a rather tough, yet interesting weekend.

My Weekend RADs 
(for those of you who dont know RADs= Random Annoyances of the Day.)
-That fucking Snuggie commercial that they sing to the tune of the fucking Macarena.
-Older brothers and how completely delusional their way of life is.
-People who think a 2 lane road is their own personal 1 lane traveling path.
-Credit card companies and their hidden fees.

Anyways, onto things I stumbled upon this weekend...

Many Americans are truly offended and appalled by the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, which was basically put in place to supposedly protect the gays from being harassed by fellow servicemen so if they find out they give you the boot. If they are discovered they are then discharged from the military pending the outcome of the investigation brought against them. Here's my problem with this... being gay isn't illegal so why would you turn away someone that is sacrificing their life for their country? A life is a life no matter which way you look at it. It's absolutely disgusting to think that the military could turn away a potential soldier because of their sexual preferences or kick them out should they be "exposed." Lady Gaga is an advocate for the discharged soldiers and speaks often of how we should repeal DADT. I actually agree with her. Anyways, the real reason I brought this up is because I read an article over the weekend about a judge reinstating a discharged nurse from the Air Force, essentially creating a precedent to aid in getting DADT overturned. Margaret Witt joined the Air Force in 1987 and was suspended in 2004 and investigated for violating DADT. She was discharged in 2007 and fell just one year short of her full rights to a pension. She sued the Air Force and after about a two week trial, was eventually sided with by a federal judge and was reinstated to her position as a nurse for the United States Air Force. Hopefully the rest of the government will come to their senses and overturn the whole thing, and reinstate every person ever discharged for "violating DADT." Click here to read the article I stumbled upon with her story.

Anyways, on to something else I told you I would be keeping tabs on..

Dancing with the Z List Stars!

Sadly, The Hoff is no longer on the show for me to make fun of, but The Situation is. It is completely obvious that he was only asked to be on the show to try and corner some of the Jersey Shore viewers (like myself) into watching. However, he just doesn't have it in him to dance like a leading man and ends up looking like the bitch awkward. Anyways, there were no amazing performances tonight, considering they are all still works in progress. But I will say that Jennifer Grey's performance inspired me. Apparently she had already had a spot on DWTS but when she went to get a medical check to be cleared, she discovered she had cancer and had a plate and a few pins put into her spinal cord at the base of her neck right under the hairline. Crazy to think that a woman who can dance like that would have just went through such an ordeal! Not to  mention still having the balls to come back on the show! Kudos Jen, you made Patrick Swayze proud up there & also made me want to watch Dirty Dancing again. Other observations are Rick Fox & Kurt Warner are true athletes because they dance like they are actually dedicated to beating each other! Florence Henderson is the most mobile 76 year old that I've ever seen. Kyle Massey is pretty cool andd Margaret Cho should stick to comedy. Bristol Palin gave a good performance and her botoxed mother actually showed up this time. She gave some pretty bullshit comments about how proud she was and asked how to do the shimmy?! Like that bitch doesn't know! It was uber pathetic but again, she was almost a vice president so she's bound to be a real fuck up character!


Since I am a huge basketball fan, I had to check out the new show on VH1 about Denver Nugget (potentially soon to be New York Knick?) Carmelo Anthony and his wedding to MTV reality host Lala Vasquez. The show is called Lala's Full Court Wedding. I have to say, it'e pretty damn cute, and Melo & Lala throws down hundreds of thousands of dollars on their big day. I remember back a few months ago when the actual wedding took place, not a lot of pictures were posted because they were saving it for the show. It was huge, big name celebrities all went, hot ball players, the whole shabang! It's cool to see these extravagant wedding with good couples like Carmelo and Lala. They're good peoples. They also got VH1 its highest rating show in years very long time!


It basically all started today with Media Day. The team takes pictures and talks about the start of training camp. Because I clearly do not care about any other team except my beloved Boston Celtics, I will probably only bash on other teams from here on out. Unless something cool happens. So, with that said, the Celtics will hold their training camp at Salve Regina in Rhode Island.
Opening Night is t-minus 29 days away. Hold your breath folks, we're almost there.
Prediction: they do get back to the finals pending no unspeakable mishaps.Good Luck Boys.... Here we go!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Today, My School Texted Me & Told Me Not To Come. 9/23/10

The title of this post seems surreal right? No fucking joke, it happened. Which was FANTASICAL considering I didn't get much sleep the night before, I was not in the mood to deal with quadratic equations. But, God liked us today, and gave the school a campus-wide power outage, cancelling all day classes. I woke up at 9:05 to my alarm, only to check my smartphone and see a lovely text message saying "Be advised - MCC Bedford day classes have been cancelled today 9/23/10 due to a power outage." ding. WINNER! No school today. Extra 2.5 hours sleep. So basically, today my school texted me and told me not to come. What a way to start the day.

Anyways, since I didn't have school, 
I decided to go to work instead. 
Which leads me to...

Todays RAD:


Normally, I'm anti-violence, when violence can be avoided, however, some people push the limits and really deserve a good backhand as a social wake up call. My job is pretty laid back for the most part, I like my boss and the people I work with in the afternoons, HOWEVER, there is this woman, who works in the morning and she is the NOSIEST woman I have ever met in my life. I mean really, cubicles do nothing to this woman in terms of privacy. One time, I started to get a cough, because I was getting sick. Bitch took a bottle of Lysol and sprayed it over the top of the cubicle and literally drowned me in it. I was ready to choke her enraged. I waited until the next time I heard her sneeze and unloaded my own can of Lysol on her side of the wall. But really, every conversation I have with my boss, from over the cubicle, "thar she frickin BLOWS" with opinions that are completely off topic, completely unneccessary, or just plain rude! She just thinks she has a solution to everything, but I don't need/want/or value her opinion. & the voice, the VOICE. It's like a mixture of nails on a chalkboard and a broken speaker. I mean really, the lady is eccentric, a ginger, and if you saw her or spoke to her for 5 minutes, you'd feel my pain. Oh, and she lives in my neighborhood 90 seconds away. However I won't be mentioning to her that she has inspired today's Random Annoyance of the Day. 

moving onto topics of the day...

I have to do it, because I saw it, and now I'm dying to comment on it.

Justin Bieber's Acting Debut on CSI

The Biebs had his tv acting debut on CSI tonight, and I have to say, he sounds like he is right smack in the middle of puberty. He kind of sounds like he forces himself to talk because he's so used to belting out his songs every night on tour.  I remember when he was shooting this episode a few months ago and he tweeted about shooting the scenes during a short break from his tour. He is only on screen for a total of 6 minutes out of a 60 minute episode. This kid is known to incite a riot and with 6 minutes of him, I'm sure teen girls everywhere feel effin gypped. Justin plays Jason, the brother of a kid who is seriously disturbed and likes to play with explosives. His brother blows shit up at a police officers funeral with the use of Biebs' model airplane. He later on rats his brother out to the lead investigator. I wasn't all that impressed with it, I wanted him to be the bad kid, not the little brother of the bad kid. Wtf Biebs? Next project please.

& now onto other things awkward

Katy Perry recently made a skit that leaked online for Sesame Street with our beloved Elmo in which she basically remixed a kid friendly version of her hit song "Hot & Cold." Instantly, parents sent in letters to complain about the low cut skirt and the the fact that her cleavage was very exposed. Granted she had a tan mesh colored fabric all the way to her neck, but still for children, so I can understand why it is pissing off the parents.
Truthfully, this could go both ways, if she had been wearing a respectable outfit, it wouldn’t have been a bother, it would have been cute. Like those "Kidz Bop" CDs except with the real singer. Sucks for Katy tho, maybe she can shoot a clip with a bra on better clothing choices.
Sesame Street has since yanked the skit from its upcoming 41st season.
Also, another remix/parody that is causing up trouble for Sesame Street is a parody of True Blood entitled "True Mud." The parody of true blood is kind of ridiculous, they talk about "mud baths" and refer to the man in the restaurant as a "grouch" aka a vampire, because he requested (flipped the fuck out about) wanting his true mud. Wicked corny, and I would have changed the channel with that garbage on at 5. It wasn't even funny, click here to judge for yourself.

& now onto discussing "Jersday"

"Jersday" came to be a new term invented by the former poof queen herself, Snooki. She tweeted this brilliant idea about how since Thursday is Jersey Shore night, we should all call it Jersday. Yeah good one Snooks

A few things I'd like to bring up about tonights episode..
  • Did Ronnie REALLY just re-gift Sammi the same flowers meant for the evil Ramona? Tool.
  • Angelina is so weird, she is straight up refusing to have sex with this kid and he is like a decent human being. I feel bad for him. But she is also a WHORE since she made up a complete lie about banging him so that she would be up on the Smush Scoreboard. FYI: Her score is really at 1. Pathetic for a guidette, Snooks is at atleast 3 or 4.
  • Snooki: "Angelina got it in with Vinny, cuz she's a loosy goose." referring to the time she hooked up with Vinny, and apparently she couldn’t handle Vin's shlong, but Angelina was loosened up enough for him to get it in. Good for you Vinny. Hahahaha!
  • I like how Jwoww and her man fight within 10 minutes of his arrival. Dump the Chump Jenni!
  • The T-Shirt Time Song. Pauly can we get a fist pumping remix version? LMAO.
  • I love that Pauly found a decent girl, too bad for her I don't think he will settle down.
  • Grenade Grundel Choads are now GGC's.
  • The chick leaving the note on the door was hilarious, damn can you say desperate??
  • Mike calling out Angelina for leaving a pad on the bathroom floor was even better.
  • Nah, scratch that Mike putting the dirty tampon under her pillow was the best part.

HOWEVER. I cannot give Jersey Shore any praise tonight, I was promised a fight between Angelina and Snooks and I got 5 seconds of one. I HATE how they advertise something awesome, and then make you wait another week to see all of it. Lame!