Saturday, October 2, 2010

Current Events 10/2/10

October is my favorite month of the year, so much that I wish my birthday was in October instead of June. Really, its awesome. Why? Two reasons. One is the weather, its perfect minus any rain for campfires and tailgating and hoodies and Halloween! The other reason is the start of the NBA season comes every October.  It's like an added bonus.

Anyways, onto today's "points of interest"...

NCIS Star &loveofmylife Michael Weatherly 
Causes a FenderBender!

Credit TMZ for Photos
Michael Weatherly, who plays very Special Agent Anthony Dinozzo on the hit CBS crime drama NCIS, had himself a blonde moment yesterday when he crashed his black Mercedes into a Silver BMW. The BMW went into a pole crunching the entire front of the vehicle while Weatherly's Mercedes suffered major damage to the front passenger side. He was driving over the Barnham Pass which connects Hollywood to the San Fernando Valley when the two lanes merged and according to the BMW driver, he was crashed into and his Beamer ran into a pole. No injuries were sustained to either driver and the ambulance that arrived on the scene left with no one extra inside. The drivers exchanged information and everything went as smooth as a car accident with two wicked expensive cars can get. Good one DiNozzo Michael, Mark Harmon should pull a Gibbs and slap you for that one later!

Moving on...

Mario Arrested for Beating Up His MOM!
Mean muggin in his mugshot
Well Chris Brown, you've almost been out done on the deuschbag scoreboard. Singer/Actor/Hasbeen Mario was arrested yesterday for allegedly going on a rampage and beating up his crackhead mother, Shawntia Hardaway. The 24 year old was released on $50K bond after an altercation with his momma at their Baltimore, MD apartment. According to his mom, he went on a rampage and started breaking things and pushing her around. When the cops showed up they found evidence of her claim by finding he had broken mirrors, busted a china cabinet and put holes in the doors. She also claimed a week prior he had pushed her "eight feet into a living room wall, where [she] hit her head on the wall." If you don't remember back in 2007, Mario, a former DWTS contestant, had MTV follow him around with cameras where he staged an intervention and spotlighted his mothers' heroin addiction. The documentary show titled, "I Won't Love You To Death" played back in October 2007, and followed his journey of trying to convince his mom to get clean. He told her that he "wanted to give her the gift of life, just like [she] gave [him]."

Sad. I know how annoying addicts can be to live with, but violence is never the answer!

Moving on again...

Where Oh Where is Billy Ray Cyrus?

WHEN YOU NEED HIM? Take a look at what your 17 year old is up to these days dude! She looks a tid bit drugged up and what the hell kind of outfit is that to go clubbing in? This picture was taken outside of Voyeur nightclub in Los Angeles and I couldn't help but comment on it. Why does she look so whapped out? Also, WHAT THE HELL IS SHE DOING IN A CLUB? I know they forget the 21 plus rule, but really, she is 17 years old! You still have jurisdiction Billy Ray! Don't let her turn into Lindsay Lohan! At this point they are going down the same path, and I had high hopes for this one. Her dad just broke my achey breakey heart by not putting his foot up her ass! 

and now exciting news for any dating show fans...

Snookin For Love is Coming 
to a TV Near You!

I have to say... I'm excited. No confirmation on if it will be called "Snookin for Love" but I can't think of anything better. InTouch Weekly reports that Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, princess of the Jersey Shore and the one that seems to be most unlucky in love will finally have her own reality dating show. I can only imagine how hilarious it will be to people who appreciate her sense of humor. Some of her toolbag exboyfriend's, as well as Jenni "JWoww" Farley will  make guest appearences and try to help her in her search for the perfect tan, guido, nympho, juicehead. Sources report one of her exes will be trying to win her back while the other tries to help her find love. Good luck Snooks! MTV has not confirmed nor denied the reports of the show, but sources have said they will be making a big announcement soon. Let the Snookin for Love begin!

Onto a bit of a more serious topic,

Hitting Closer to Home:
Saugus HS Student Commits Suicide
As previously reported, a recent string of publicized suicides by youth in the US (either gay or straight) has continued to be a problem that can no longer be brushed under the rug. Felix Sacco, 17, of Saugus, MA took his own life on Wednesday by jumping off the overpass of the Lynn Fellsway and onto the southbound lane of Route 1 at about 9AM Wednesday morning. He survived the fall and was transported to Mass General where he later died of his injuries. The Saugus HS community is shocked that it happened, claiming that he was a laid back kid who played guitar and kept to himself. This epidemic is everywhere, not only have we seen teased children struggling with their sexuality being pushed to their limit, but even a quiet, shy kid who likes to play the guitar and has no reason to die. We have to enforce to the children that this is no way to solve your problems. If we don't teach them at a young age and change their perception, they will only continue to mimic what they see. This has to change. A genuine act of peace in the world where there are no haters may be impossible yes, but at least we can try to keep it peaceful and hopefully recognize the signs of depression that could lead to young suicides. Please remember that no loss of life is acceptable when it is unnecessary. We must be more accepting of others or we won't survive. We don't have to like eachother, but we at least have try to bring the world to such a non threatening place to live in.

Sidenotes for 10/2

Here's an idea for the day, why can't MTV bring the challenge days like the ones you see on the show "If You Really Knew Me" to junior high and elementary schools across the country? Why can't that sense of understanding each other be taught in schools? It doesn't need a camera crew, we just need adults willing to organize and carry out with the challenge day and make an effort to have these kids understand eachother. This can be geared towards the age groups accordingly also, as I don't see most 8 year olds having the same problems as high school kids, but the concepts are the same. Come on people, lets change the world.

I am also now starting a...
Countdown to Harry Potter 7!
48 Days left
Being the HP Geek I am, I will inform you all of when the first of the two part 7th installment of the Harry Potter series comes out. I'll tell you how it was, why you should see it, so on and so forth. Those books were amazing for my childhood, the imagination of it all is amazing. My kids will read them whether they like it or not! More on the Harry Potter series in future posts.

anyways off to enjoy my Saturday, until next time xo


  1. Very good points tonight dude..totally see miley and lilo becoming good friends any day now lol

    The suicide thing? This world is so out of control it makes me sick..really cant we all just get along?

    PS..Thanks for the countdown haha = )

  2. Anytime. Haha I'm glad you like it